With your help we can revive the Shikara community in Kerala! 


They need your help right NOW. As you know due to Covid-19 crisis tourism has been severely affected.People from Shikara community (small-boat) in Alleppey are solely dependent on tourism for their livelihood and right now their survival is at stake. 

We call out to you to support by donating for the Shikara community with the help of this fundraiser an initiative taken by Cherish Expeditions in association with Sustera foundation, Alleppey. 

Please support 50 families by transferring Rs.2,000 to their accounts.

Pay any amount from Rs.500 - Rs.5000 so that the community can survive in these tricky times.



No Straw Campaign!

Everyday 500 million straws are ending up in various waterbodies, killing thousands of marine organisms. It takes 400 years to degrade something that we use only for 10 minutes. So the question is do we REALLY need straw? Make the decision to stop using straw yourself, inspire others to do so and start the movement!


November 25, 2019


Recently in September I was selected to present my work at ATREE on up cycling and wetland conservation at the Asia Pacific Climate week held at UNSECAP office at Bangkok. The climate week was organized in preparation to the UN Secr...

Wetlands, as we know, are picturesque locations with lush green paddy fields and beckoning backwaters with gorgeous slender birds and mighty mangroves. Well, these beautiful places on earth are also amongst the biggest sinks of Carbon. Unbelievable Right?

Found in trace...

Glaciers melting, increasing sea levels or reduced forest cover, Should I be worried?  I would rather finish my work than be bothered about it now. But wait, can you share your feelings as a victim to global warming? But I am not a victim. Yes we are, you me and everyo...

April 15, 2018

Do you plan your day around the ways in which you could procure water?

A large group of the people who are reading this have the benefit of turning on the tap and always being certain that water will gush out from it. It is something which is taken for granted as one gr...

November 23, 2017

Global Scientific community believes that a 2 degree rise in temperature from pre-industrial levels can be catastrophic.  If emissions continue unabated, the world is on track to exceed the global average temperature by 2 degree Celsius—exposing communities to increasi...

November 23, 2017

“The worst thing that can happen during the 1980s is not energy depletion, economic collapses, limited nuclear war, or conquest by a totalitarian government. As terrible as these catastrophes would be for us, they can be repaired within a few] generations. The one proc...

November 23, 2017

On Aug 29th, the monsoon fury unleashed on Mumbai, India’s financial city, brought it to a grinding halt. Two toddlers were among 14 people killed in the floods. It received nearly a month’s average rainfall in a single day – that halted the transit lifeline of train s...

October 17, 2017

India faces a challenge in providing sustainable energy access to all its citizens. While India has to bear the burden of global climate change mitigation, our primary goal is and should be of development. To put things in perspective, still 22% of our population has n...

October 17, 2017


No one can deny the effect of climate change as a phenomenon, which is increasingly becoming evident to affect the food, water and energy security worldwide. With increase in temperature, there has been a significant impact on the fresh water supplies. Ris...

October 17, 2017

“Whoever wishes to investigate medicine properly, should proceed thus: in the first place to consider the seasons of the year, and what effects each of them produces, for they are not all alike, but differ much from themselves in regard to their changes”.

- Hippocrates;...

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