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Sanju Soman is a social entrepreneur and development professional  with a post graduate degree in Climate Change and Sustainability Studies. He works in the areas of climate change, water conservation, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. He has served as a global school ambassador in UNSDSN.
Sachin Sathyarajan is an International lawyer and policy maker who has worked in the areas of trade, education, sustainability, health and biodiversity. Sachin is a consultant at the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt of India & Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Delhi and Lecturer/ Senior Research Associate  at  Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), India. He has done Executive Masters in International Economic laws at the Graduate Institute, Geneva on IHEID scholarship. He is Dean's scholar at the Queensland University of Technology for the WIPO Masters in Intellectual Property. In 2014 he was associated with the Biodiversity and Community Health Initiative at the United Nations University Institute for Advanced Studies in Sustainability (UNU-IAS) in Japan.
Deepa Ananthapadmanabhan is an expert in education with years of formidable experience in education.  Her expertise lies in the areas of Education, Environment Education and Social Entrepreneurship. She has been actively working on gender issues and is part of several women support groups.

Deepak John is a climate change enthusiast and a development professional with policy research and advocacy experience in economic governance, budget analysis & accountability. He has specific interests in environment, climate change, renewable energy and sustainable development. He has years of diverse work experience in sectors like civil society, public policy, corporate banking and consulting start-up.  He holds multidisciplinary educational background in environment & sustainability, business administration and computer engineering. When not saving planet, he writes articles and takes random clicks!


Vinayak is a public health expert and advisor who has done his post graduation in Public Health from Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai. Currently he is engaged with World Health Organisation (WHO)as surveillance medical officer in Bihar. His areas of interest include waste management in pilgrimages, preventive and promotive health action and environmental health.
Sonu is an Architect -Urban Planner who aspires to change the way Planning of regions are being articulated. She strongly believes that planning of cities and other regions has to be sustainable and has to be done in a decentralized way with proper modelling of future eventualities. She is a founder member of Ithal Charitable society. She has been working as a research assistant with National Institute of Technology Calicut researching on environmental attitudes. At Bhava India, she leads product design and peoples engagement.
Sunil is a sustainability consultant with a post graduation in Climate Change and Sustainability Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Currently he is working as an Associate with Gist Advisory (Mumbai Office) developing methodologies for impact evaluation for Human, Social and Natural Capital Externalities which includes quantification of impacts generated through CSR programs.
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Sarath Kumar is a development professional and is currently working in waste management. He has been working as the District Project Officer at United Nations Development Programme- UNDP, Alappuzha. An environmental engineer by training, his areas of interest include disaster management, climate change and sustainability and is currently working with UNDP in Kerala.
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