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Let’s Talk Green Entrepreneurship Series - Article 1

5 successful green entrepreneurship stories you should know about!!!

What is the aim of this series?

One of the biggest hurdles that the idea of green entrepreneurship face today is the lack of awareness among community that going green could be incentivized and could be made into a profit- making model. This series aims to assist and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs, community members to green entrepreneurship by exposing them to various successful models of green entrepreneurship from across India, and by looking on the life, journey and struggles of already established entrepreneur so that these could act as stepping stones for future entrepreneurs.

So going back to topic of the day, let’s look at 5 thriving green enterprises from India.

(Illustration by James O'Brien)

5 successful green enterprises in India

1. Doodlage: Fed up with the increasing culture of the quick disposable fashion. Doodlage was started as a solution by coming up with innovative designs which are merged with sustainable technique of clothing thus making fashion not just chic, but also Eco-friendly. Over time, Doodlage has grown as one of the biggest names in the nation on Eco- friendly fashion. For more information, please visit

2. S4S technologies: S4S has taken the innovation on farming industry, by coming up with more efficient food processing machines using process like solar drying, SmartDry, Haldi tech and frost dry, thus performing the entire functions using green energy sources. Once processed and dehydrated, these high-quality foods are either given back to the farmers or sold at the market. To know more about the functioning of S4S technologies please visit https://s4stech