Climate Leadership Program

Kerala Edition

An increasing number of people, life forms and habitats are being vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Both anthropogenic and natural factors have contributed to climate change and there is an urgent need for creating awareness and taking action. Considering these facts and understanding that climate action is the need of the hour, three zealous minds have come together to start a non- profit named “SUSTERA”. The word SUSTERA is derived from the latin words “SUS” meaning sustainable and “TERRA” meaning earth. The words Susthira in Malayalam and Susthir in Hindi/Sanskrit refers to sustainability. The domain of work for the organization is climate change adaptation, mitigation and outreach. We are to invest our time and expertise in the mission of helping communities adapt to the effects of climate change, research on pertinent issues and support policy makers in the intervention and mitigation exercises. We intend to work in the state of Kerala located in the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot at a local scale in the inception stage and progressively expand our work to other states in India.

We intend to focus in the area of Climate change since it affects people across the globe. Hence the issue of human development cannot be addressed without climate change mitigation efforts. Communities are already facing extreme and frequent droughts, floods, and other weather changes and these consequences will only intensify in the future. India with its rising population and rapid economic growth is at the receiving end of climate change impacts. It has become important to mitigate the effects of climate change and adapt to future vulnerabilities.