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Incentivized Eco-restoration: Save Nature and Earn Money

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At the decade of Ecosystem restoration, it is eminent to note that the pace at which the general crowd and corporate are contributing to the cause of eco restoration is very slow (For further in-depth knowledge regarding the process and what eco restoration is, please visit (enter the ). One of the major reasons for this lack of pace is the lack of short term incentivization that the eco-restoration project makes, as the effects are generally seen only in long term effects.

So today we will be looking into what Incentivized Ecosystem Restoration is and would look briefly into the different successful models of ecosystem restoration that have already been conducted on mountain ecosystems in and close to India.

So, what is incentivization of ecosystem restoration?

"Incentives for ecosystem protection and stewardship" are defined as anything that motivates action to maintain or restore ecosystem function or condition. Mainly there are 3 types of incentive, which are: moral, social and financial.

Why Incentivized eco restoration is important?

In a world where instant gratification is the norm, a slow-paced process like ecosystem restoration is usually practiced with little to no urgency despite it could lead to extinction of our very species. This is further escalated by the fact that both companies and people in power have their interests vested on earning more and more money in a capitalist. Therefore, to increase the attention and participation on eco restoration efforts it is needed to make the activities more incentivized.

Stages of IEC

Fig: Stages of Incentivized Eco-restoration model (sources: Incentives for Ecosystem service in Himalayas)

While this is a highly beneficial model of livelihood creation, it is still widely unpopular as there is lack of awareness. So, there is a need to look at some of the successful models of eco-restoration esp. conducted at mountainous terrain (as this is one of the major ecosystems on which eco restoration had to be conducted).

Did you know: At the least around 600 glaciers have vanished in recent decade and is affecting water supplies for billions of people living downstream. (Source: UNEP)

5 success stories of ecosystem restoration on mountainous terrains, in and close to India:

- Working for Water Program, South Africa: The program was launched by 1995, by the Department of Water Affairs and is coordinated by the Department of Public Works. The objective of the program includes removal of alien plant species, enhancing water security, improving ecologi