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Climate Leadership

Training youth leaders for building a climate resilient world!

In 2017 SUSTERA Foundation curated the Climate Leadership program, a fully-funded, 12-week intensive leadership training program for passionate youth from diverse backgrounds who want to work on climate action. SUSTERA's pioneering initiative intends to create a corps of climate leaders to combat climate change, better communities' lives, and work with the government and other stakeholders to fix the issue. 

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Worldwide, millions of families are currently facing climate-related challenges. Tens of millions of people are being forced to relocate, and those unable to do so must struggle. For a very long time, climate change was regarded as a global problem, but now more evidence showcases the need to consider climate issues as a local problem, especially regarding implementing resilience strategies. 


When a disaster strikes, the first to respond are the local government institutions and community groups. But with, a lack of knowledge and resources available in the local language, fewer educational institutions that offer courses on climate action, and a lack of capacity-building efforts by the government are making it difficult for local bodies to act effectively. Poor preparedness of local government institutions and the people to tackle the issues increases the vulnerability and worsens this situation.

Sustera decided to focus our expertise and network on mentoring young Indian leaders who have the potential to improve climate resilience. The effects of climate change differ by place, necessitating local specialists rather than a generalised group of young people to handle local challenges. We created a 10-week fully funded leadership training programme to prepare future climate leaders who can work with the government and other stakeholders to fix the issue.

These leaders would play an active role in awareness,  advocacy and transformation in the proposed states through local engagement, research and adding capacity to urban and rural local governance. CLP is being planned to be organized in every state in India in association with various research and educational institutions working in the climate change space.


  •  To train the next generation of climate advocates, practitioners,  entrepreneurs, community representatives and engaged civil servants who will work towards a fairer and ecologically sustainable future.  

  • Create climate leaders from different regions giving mentoring and support to take up mitigation and adaptation projects. 

  • Establish a climate leaders community and create a support system for the ecosystem in the proposed states. 

  • Improve collaboration amongst corporations with various stakeholders working in the climate change sector.

  • Improve job opportunities in the climate change sector.

  • Provide capacity building for young government officials to tackle climate change.

Twenty-Five extraordinary individuals will be given advanced training in climate change and sustainability. The program aims to provide an open and inclusive platform for youngsters to get together to think, collaborate and take action towards minimising the impacts of climate change. The training involves cutting-edge theory and practical sessions.


  • Fully funded program

  • Individual guidance and mentoring from eminent scholars and practitioners in the field.

  • Technical and monetary support for future initiatives.

  • Hands-on experience working on projects related to climate change and the environment.

  • Leadership Training by individual mentors assigned each leader to work related to climate action.

  • Mentorship from the SUSTERA foundation

  • Opportunities for interning with eminent organizations working in the area.

As opposed to a traditional all-India programme, we concentrate on conducting training on a state-by-state basis because each state in India has a unique language, distinct culture, and—most importantly—various degrees of the climate issue. To build a network of youth leaders and develop new leaders every year, we intend to extend the programme to every state in India and run it annually.

Over the last four years, we have professionally engaged and instructed approximately 600 young leaders.  Our skilled leaders assist the community at various levels with mitigation measures and resilience development.

Some of our previous CLP events

  1. CLP Kerala -2018 

  2. CLP Kerala -2019 

  3. CLP Kerala- 2022

  4. CLP Tamil Nadu -2023

  5. Coastal champions program- 2022

  6. CLP Uttarakhand- 2023

  7. CLP Kerala-2023

  8. CLP Tamil Nadu- 2023

  9. CLP X Circular Economy Kerala- 2024

  • What are the benefits of participating in a climate leadership training program ?
    Developing a deeper understanding of Climate Science and its impacts Learning how to advocate for climate solutions at the local level Building skills in leadership, communication and collaboration Networking with the other climate leaders and organizations Gaining knowledge and tools to help address the climate crisis in their communities and beyond
  • How much funding can be awarded through a Climate leadership program
    Top 5 participants to receive grants up to 10,000 towards their restoration initiatives upon successfully pitching the idea.
  • Who can participate in a Climate Leadership Program?
    Climate leadership programs are typically open to anyone in the age group of 22-36 who is interested in learning about climate change and becoming a climate leader. Participants may include individuals in government services, teachers/Educators, students, professionals, activists, and community leaders.
  • What is a Climate Leadership Program (CLP)?
    CLP is SUSTERA’s pioneering initiative in creating a corps of climate leaders to combat climate change and better the lives of communities that will help in progressing towards these goals. These leaders would play an active role in awareness, advocacy and transformation in the proposed states through local engagement, research and adding capacity to urban and rural local governance. The program will be organized in association with various research and educational institutions working in the climate change space.
  • Is there financial aid available for the Climate Leadership Program and what does the cost cover?
    Yes, CLP is a fully funded program and the cost per person typically includes expenses towards program administration, curriculum development, program materials and the organization of the offline event. Sustera Foundation will bear the costs required for the completion of the program for the top 30 participants.
  • Can individuals in full-time/part-time jobs join CLP?
    Yes, Individuals in full-time/part-time jobs can join CLP, as long as they are able to contribute towards the different components of the program. The session will be hosted post 7.00PM on working days.
  • Where will the offline event be hosted?
    The offline component will be hosted in Kottayam as a 4 day event.
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