CLIMATE CHANGE has materialized into a reality with its impacts visible all over India and the world. The state of Kerala is also experiencing the wrath of climate change by way of increasing weather variability with extreme temperatures in summers and intensive flooding during monsoons. Farmers, fishermen, and other vulnerable local communities suffer the brunt of climate change impacts the most. 


The need of the hour is to develop capacities and capabilities to address the challenges posed by climate change in different sectors. In consonance with this view, it is also required to work closely with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

It is of utmost necessity to develop sustainable solutions to existing and probable threats to these challenges. SUSTERA’s pioneering initiative in creating a corps of climate warriors to combat climate change and better the lives of communities will help in progressing towards these goals.

Our Climate Leadership Programme will allow young changemakers to identify and implement projects which aim at both mitigation and adaptation to climate change



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No Straw Campaign!

Everyday 500 million straws are ending up in various waterbodies, killing thousands of marine organisms. It takes 400 years to degrade something that we use only for 10 minutes. So the question is do we REALLY need straw? Make the decision to stop using straw yourself, inspire others to do so and start the movement!


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