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Are you a climate warrior focusing on the coastal ecosystem? 

Join our COASTAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM to identify and tackle climate change-related issues faced by coastal communities in Kerala

Sustheeram Coastal Champions fellowship program provides you the opportunity to build your skills and scale up your work. A unique, interdisciplinary fellowship program for individuals based/working in the coastal districts of Kerala. The fellowship will bring together youth from different backgrounds in an immersive learning experience to understand the coastal challenges and work together for solutions. 

9 selected fellows from the coastal regions will be trained to address coastal challenges and mentored to propose local solutions for their region. The program seeks to combine skill-based training and applied learning. The application is open to individuals from coastal regions and varied educational backgrounds or practice domains with strong motivation to work towards addressing climate-related coastal challenges.


9 selected fellows will undertake training for 2 weeks to be equipped with relevant skill sets to address the coastal challenges followed by a one-month-long coastal engagement module with field immersion and community interactions to identify the tangible impacts of climate on their coasts and propose adaptation strategies. 9 selected fellows will receive a stipend amount of Rs.20000 towards the field immersion component of the fellowship for the duration of the program.


Why become a
Coastal Fellow?

  • The fellowship engages young people to participate in Climate Adaptation strategies 

  • A large-scale narrative changes the impacts of climate on coastal communities and creates a unified voice of coastal youth. 

  • To understand the tangible impacts of climate on your coast.

  • Enables Inter youth dialogues about the issues of coastal communities 

  • Create opportunities for developing adaptation-related solutions to challenges faced along the coastline 

  • A platform where diverse youth can work together, understand the coastal challenge, explore and build adaptation strategies 


  • The candidate has to be living/working in 5KM a distance from the coastline. 

  • An ideal candidate will be between the age of 22 to 35, passionate to work in climate action. Candidates without any formal education after their 10+2 may also apply, these applications will be evaluated in terms of their previous experience in climate action. 

  • Participants must demonstrate a  strong desire to work for the Coastal communities and in Climate Action.  

  • The participant should be able to commit 15-20 hours per week toward different components of the program 

  • Preference will be given to individuals working with LSGs, NGOs, and Schools working among the coastal communities.

  • We strongly encourage those from impacted communities and vulnerable communities in the above districts to apply.

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What will you learn during the fellowship?

The fellowship program primarily intends to bring together youth leaders from the various coastal districts in Kerala for an immersive learning experience by sharing stories of resilience and learning from each other.

The fellows will learn to conduct focus group discussions and interviews to understand the various issues the community faces.

The fellows will go through an interactive process where they would learn the various skills and tools required for initiative projects or implement solutions in their community such as


  • Campaigning skills

  • Social media tools

  • Project development.

  • Fundraising 

  • Climate Governance


The fellows will be motivated to identify issues from across the coastal stretch of Kerala and suggest solutions for their own respective regions.

Travel component


The fellows will travel with team members of SUSTERA foundation across the coastal stretch of Kerala on weekends during the course of the program to interact with coastal community members and coastal government representatives to discuss various issues and solutions. Apart from that, the fellows will also document the travel by capturing photos, videos, and audio clips of the interactions to help portray the issues faced by coastal communities.

Application Closed


For more details visit /+91 9747848244

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