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Generation-Re is a tribe of individuals and small organizations that motivate each other to lead a low-impact lifestyle. The word “Re” here refers to a group of individuals who is responsible to protect the lives of future generations by reducing their impact on the planet, reusing as much as possible, and recycling waste.

♻️Project GenRe is an innovative participatory climate finance initiative by the Sustera Foundation that aims to reduce the human impact on the most important problem of the times -the climate crisis.


Tribe GenRe undertakes Climate Adaptation activities with maximum co-benefits on a monthly basis while saving resources for disaster relief. The members invest their time, skills, and income towards making an impact in carbon emission reduction and work toward climate change adaptation

Team GenRe is trying to rebuild the planet by helping the members reduce emissions and utilizing monthly donations to support communities that are affected by climate disasters.





What Midhili R Say

"As adults, it is our duty to ensure a sustainable future for our children."

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