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The Youth Conclave on 26 April /5-7 PM IST 2020 will be discussing the agrarian crisis in India at present with a Special Emphasis on the Role of Youth in Strengthening Communities through Education, Resource Development and Supporting Grassroots Youth-led efforts.


The meeting is going to be a 2-hour intensive discussion where Young Researchers in Agriculture and Horticulture Practitioners are welcome to initiate, analyse and collate thoughts together with us to help tide over situations like COVID -19 in the nearby future.


In the first meeting, we would be selecting the first 25 who apply. If there are more individuals who show interests we would organise one more session. We also aim to build a network of Youth from the country who can work together with us in solving the future crisis. The networking effort will help identify the best practices and connect each other for Strengthening Communities which is the need of the moment.

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This initiative is done in association with Community Environmental Resource Centre ATREEKrishi JagranAgriculture World and SUSTERA Foundation.

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