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The CareLa Contest

Idea fetching competition on ecological restoration


The CareLa Contest- Idea fetching competition on ecological restoration (Kerala),  which is initiated to support global ecosystem restoration efforts as part of the United Nations decade of eco-restoration. We are looking for young innovators and change makers to come as a team to help build resilience in Kerala through Eco-restoration.  Sustera foundation and ATREE-CERC with the support of Antrix Corporation invites young enthusiasts from Kerala to apply for the competition.

No Straw Campaign!

Everyday 500 million straws are ending up in various waterbodies, killing thousands of marine organisms. It takes 400 years to degrade something that we use only for 10 minutes. So the question is do we REALLY need straw? Make the decision to stop using straw yourself, inspire others to do so and start the movement!


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