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In alignment with the Rebuild Kerala effort after the recent Kerala floods, Kanthari in partnership with Naam Festival and SUSTERA has organized a one day “Restoring Our Lakes-Drop by Drop: #MyLakeMyFuture” awareness/exhibition stall with a talk show (on environment and development) at Manaveeyam Road (Art Street), Trivandrum on 6th October.


Lake ecosystems across the globe act as a source of livelihood for millions of people. In India, Vellayani or Vellayani Kayal as it is known, is one of the largest rain-fed freshwater lakes in Thiruvananthapuram district, of Kerala. The lake water is extensively used for drinking and irrigation purposes by thousands of people residing by the lake. After the Kerala floods, the lake was also a victim taking in plastics and silt causing further pollution and damage, Vellayani lake is under greater  threat from pollution, encroachment and sand mining.


The campaign team will be continuing its efforts on protecting lake
vellayani by working with schools nearby the Vellayani Lake. The main aim is to create awareness among school students about the ecosystem services provided by the lake and the need to preserve it.


The project is supported by Terumo Penpol.


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