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SUSTERA and ATREE-CERC, Alappuzha have started a plastic straw campaign from June 7th to curb the use of plastic straws in Kerala. As part of the campaign, the interns of ATREE-CERC and Climate Leaders of Susterawe aim to spread awareness among the shopkeepers of juice shops and bakeries in Kerala on the ill-effects of plastic straws and to provide straws only when the customers ask for them.


Posters highlighting the effects of straws on aquatic life and the ecosystem were put up in some shops as part of the effort.  As part of the movement, we request you to sign an online petition directed towards the government of Kerala to stop the use of plastic straws. Awareness is being spread to the schools in Alappuzha and surrounding villages by speaking to the students about straws and asking them to take initiative by putting up posters in the shops they visit.


You can get involved in the campaign by talking to the public and shopkeepers about not using plastic straws; putting up posters, which are available for download on the Sustera website (, in shops and public places; and uploading their own videos saying the phrase ‘Nammuk Straw Venda’ on social media.


The main intent of doing the campaign is because of the fact that straws which are made in a minute and used for less than 5 minutes remain on earth for 1000+ years. Our efforts are being focused on straws since straws play a major role in affecting the marine life in oceans, lakes and other water bodies which act as home for several species and provides livelihood for several million people across the globe.

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