Sustera Foundation is looking for

extremely passionate individuals who

can work with the team in climate action projects and community engagement projects in Thiruvananthapuram. 

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Prime responsibilities of the intern.

  • Secondary research and data analysis. 

  • Field research and conducting survey

  • Documentation( including drafting minutes, research paper development. 

  • Content creation. 

  • Social media engagement and media outreach. 

  • Stake holder engagement

  • Event coordination. 

Tree Planting

"What's in it for you?"

  • Network with like-minded people and organization working in the field of climate action.

  • Get mentorship and training from experts.

  • An experience certificate mentioning the works and efforts done by the intern in the area of climate change and sustainability under Sustera foundation.

  • Association with Sustera Foundation will help you in resume building for a bright career.

  • Building leadership, communication and other life skills. 

  • A platform to bring in your ideas of climate development on coastal communities and work on the effective implementation of the same along with the community.

  • Opportunity to interact and work closely with the government institutions, other organizations, public policy experts, practitioners, change makers and like minded people in the field of climate action.